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Monday, June 12, 2017

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Hour 1

Eric welcomed Laura Sheaffer of Salem Radio to discuss what it was like attending Shakespeare in the Park’s latest play, Julius Caesar, and her thoughts on Caesar being portrayed as President Trump. Judith Reisman followed with more on the dark truth about Alfred Kinsey.

Hour 2

Show favorite Ken Fish discussed Kingdom Fire Ministry’s recent and upcoming events.

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  • Gunter

    Predictable and cliche'.

    That is the the Marxist Left.

    Predictable what they will do NEXT as well.

    Marxism 101:

    Class warfare
    Race warfare (wait wasn't it the Democrats who were pro-slavery and racism?)
    Gender warfare ('oppressed' class vs. 'oppressor' Critical Theory)
    Ethnic warfare (hey, why not another oppressed class?)
    Enviro- warfare (Gaia oppression makes you LITERALLY Hitler)
    Religio- warfare (every little bit helps in the war against the West)
    _______ warfare (fill in the blank)

    Balkanize. Divide, Conquer: Marxism 101.

    Why haven't you done a show about the Institute for Social Research (the Frankfurt School), 'Critical Theory', Howard Zinn, Saul Alinsky, or any of a number of cultural subversion experts yet, Eric? I think you're getting soft.

    Should be mandatory once a month for all right-of-center commentators, media and press, in my opinion.

    "Politics is downstream from culture."
    ~ Andrew Breitbart

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