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This guy Paul wrote a song AND wore TWO T-shirts – Listen! (click photo)

Hoping for an XXXL autograph from Eric! (Paul, Tullahoma, TN)

Persephone & Gemma can’t wait to read the new “Martin Woofer” book! (Lynda)

Catch of the day — now, go find yourself a bucket of tartar sauce! (Joey, Lac Seul, Ontario)

Stone Mountain Park — is it still intact? (Emil)

Is there life (wearing a Metaxas T-shirt) on other planets…hmm? (Kurt, Tucson, AZ)

Remember the… the.. um… the ALAMO! (Patrick, Boeme, TX)

From high above St. Mary’s Glacier in Colorado! (Patrick again)

Merry Ole England got a look…

And the T-shirt’s still clean! BONUS: Click photo for video! (Sammy, Old Lyme, CT)

A shirt that fits in ANY museum! (Sara, Vienna, VA)

The Twin Cities 10-mile Monster Dash saw @frozenfrogz94 flyin’ by in STYLE!

Hey, look, we’re part of the Navy… sort of! (James, Patriots Point Naval & Maritime Museum)

Hey, this is NOT photoshopped, wow!
(Heather, Lawrenceville, GA)

Pretty wild! (Cheryl, Johnson City, TN)

One crazy ride… glad it stayed ON! (Bret, Austell, GA)

Relaxing with a mug and a T! (Lisa, Jacksboro, TN)

Out there on the front lines! (Nancy)

Don’t tell us… Hong Kong, right?? (Larry Taunton’s son from “Around the World in 80 Days”)

And look who showed up in Midland, Texas… JB and Jenny!

Rodney Hart of Teen Challenge whoopin’ it up in Puerto Rico!

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The problem w/Pinker's hyper-materialist view is that Science AROSE out of a biblical worldview, that the universe is ordered and intelligible by humans. He also posits a false choice between praying & DOING SOMETHING, as though one couldn't do both. C'mon, Steve! @HughHewittShow…