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Week in Review

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Friends — I don’t know if it was all that time I spent in the record breaking 28 inches of snow that fell in Manhattan last weekend, but this week I got a little sick and lost my voice, which can be a problem in radio! Listen to Thursday’s & Friday’s shows to see how bad it got! But I had fun anyway!

For one thing, on Tuesday I got to spend three hours with the cutest person on planet Earth, Alice von Hildebrand! She’s nearly 93 and as full of joy and wisdom as anyone around. We aired two segments with her this week and will air the third next week! And that was just the beginning. Right now I’m resting. If I get my voice back over the weekend, I’ll be thrilled.

Bless you!
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P.S. Last night my friend Os Guinness was mentioned in the GOP debate! That’s very encouraging. I dedicate my new book to him!

This week on The Eric Metaxas Show:

Eric took listener calls and gave out “Eric Metaxas Show” mugs to all listeners who called in!

Voice of the Martyrs PR director and radio host Todd Nettleton shared the radically inspiring story of VOM’s founder Richard Wurmbrand, who was imprisoned and tortured for his faith for fourteen years by Romanian Communists. He also shared stories about Christians who suffer persecution and imprisonment for their faith today.

Todd Nettleton picked up where he left off Monday, telling the story of the unique work Voice of the Martyrs does to help persecuted Christians.

The inimitable Catholic philosopher and theologian, Dame Alice von Hildebrand, talked with Eric about her life and the life and work of her late husband, Dietrich von Hildebrand.​

In light of Planned Parenthood’s legal actions against David Daleiden, life advocate Lila Rose called into the show to give her thoughts on the situation.

Dame Alice von Hildebrand returned for another hour with Eric, sharing her thoughts on the unique nature of women, plus powerful stories from her own life.

After losing his voice, Eric was gargling with olive oil on Thursday so that he could talk with Elizabeth A Davis, the Tony-nominated actress from Once – The Musical.

Lauren Chandler, wife of Village Church pastor Matt Chandler, talked with our voiceless host about her brand new book, Steadfast Love.

With the Iowa caucus approaching on Monday, Eric took calls from listeners to get their thoughts on the GOP candidates about Thursday’s Trump-free debate.

Eric ended the week with Safeeya Schnaufer of talking about her journey from growing up as a Muslim in the Middle East to embracing the Christian faith, and her friend Andy Hunter talked about how God dramatically helped him overcome his hatred of Muslims.


Narnian idyll in Central Park
Father, daughter, and Alice in Winter Wonderland, Central Park
Hans Christian Andersen and a friend, Central Park

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