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Week in Review

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Friends —

This week has been quite an adventure!

For those who missed my show Wednesday, a flight I was taking to D.C. had to make an emergency landing in Richmond, Virginia due to a storm. This left me no other choice but to call into the show on my cell while in the back of a car driving through said storm to prove I was alive and introduce the show! Ah, the magic of radio!

After making it to D.C., I was interviewed for three episodes of “Focus on the Family with Jim Daly” AND had the joy of meeting Dr. Ravi Zacharias. But LAST NIGHT I got to meet Willie “Boss Hog” Robertson of Duck Dynasty! He’s going to have me on his new podcast and we might kill a duck or two should the time come. (See photo below!)

I’m now flying down south to Boca Ration, Florida to speak at an event for Eastern Nazarene College. Be sure to check out this week’s radio highlights below and listen to any show you missed!

Bless you!
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This week on The Eric Metaxas Show:

The Stream‘s John Zmirak talked Iowa predictions, Donald Trump, and the other candidates’ chances against Trump.

National Review Online‘s Rich Lowry continued the conversation about Trump, discussing the scorn he’s received from Trump supporters. Joe Loconte from The King’s College also weighed in, talking about his latest article appearing on, “From Mussolini to Sanders and Trump.”

Kevin McCullough, a Salem Media radio host and expert on all things political, visited the studio for both hours to discuss the results of the Iowa caucuses with Eric.

Kevin and Eric also talked about how the caucus process works, why Kevin was one of the only people able to call Ted Cruz’s victory, and the crazy story of how they first met, thanks to the sweet generosity of Stephen Baldwin.

Eric introduced his upcoming guests from the back seat of a car driving through a storm. Show favorite John Zmirak was first, discussing abortion, Planned Parenthood, and David Daleiden.

Martin Bennett then talked about his nonfiction novel Wounded Tiger, which tells the true story of the pilot who led Japan’s attack on Pearl Harbor, and how his life was transformed by a Doolittle raider and a missionary’s daughter.

Eric took over Bill Bennett’s studio in D.C. for Thursday’s show, interviewing apologist Josh McDowell about the upcoming “Set Free Summit” and its goal to help Christians fight the scourge of pornography.

Then Chris Pappalardo and Bruce Ashford talked with Eric about their latest book, One Nation Under God: A Christian Hope for American Politics.

The one and only Alice von Hildebrand returned Friday to finish her conversation with Eric about her life and the work of her late husband, Dietrich von Hildebrand.

Crystal Wright of closed the week, telling Eric why she thinks Black History Month is a con—a subject covered in her book Con Job.


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